Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Transition Insights, Concepts and Applications The International Center for Multidisciplinary Studies (ICMS) of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences intends to publish a special collection of short articles (maximum: 3000 words) on Teaching, Learning and Assessment in higher education. This collection welcomes research reports, replication studies, reflections and critical...
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Applications are called for Mini Research Projects from final year undergraduates on Covid 19 related projects in the domains of Humanities and Social Sciences. The priority will be given to research projects that explore the Economic, Social, Psychological, Political, Behavioral, Environmental, Demographical, Geographical, Religious, Educational and Linguistics aspects in the context of the pandemic. The...
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Multi-Disciplinary Research Centre of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences call applications for Mini Research Grants for short term research projects to encourage faculty members to engage in high-quality research. A duly completed application form with a Research Proposal (not more than 2000 words, including Introduction, Objectives, Methodology and Time frame) should be submitted...
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News & Updates

මහපොළ ශිෂ්‍යත්ව ප්‍රදානය (දෙවන ලේඛනය) -2019/2020
April 2, 2022
මානව ශාස්ත්‍ර හා සාමාජීය විද්‍යා පීඨය ප්‍රථම අර්ධ වාර්ෂික පරීක්ෂණය – 2020/21
April 2, 2022
Industry Partnership Program of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the HCL Technologies
March 28, 2022
චීන භාෂාව පිළිබඳ ඩිප්ලෝමා පාඨමාලාව (Diploma in Chinese Language) – 2022 දෙවන ශිෂ්‍ය කණ්ඩායම
March 27, 2022
ප්‍රතිඵල නැවත සමීක්ෂණය සඳහා වන අයදුම්පත් කැඳවීමයි
March 25, 2022