University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Department of Music and creative Technology
Academic year 2022/2023

Department of Music and Creative Technology

The Department of Music and CreativeTechnology is the newest department of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the first ever department to handle the technological, computerized aspects of music in the state university system of Sri Lanka. It started its journey as part of the Department of Languages, Cultural Studies and Performing Arts, one of the oldest departments of the university. By introducing new subject areas in keeping with the modern requirements of the world, and branching out to fields that are now a requirement in the arena of music worldwide, the Department of Music and Creative Technology offers greatly relevant and updated knowledge from which students will benefit largely and be more capable of adapting to the challenges of the modern world of music and entertainment ndustry. By introducing computer music technology in 2004, this is where the most modern methodologies with regard to music production were introduced as subjects to the state university system in Sri Lanka. Along with the new forms of knowledge, the department remains true to its core idea of producing versatile musicians and performers, and continues to teach the traditional forms of music to its students, the teachers always striving to improve the level of musicality and appreciation in those who learn from them. The staff has internationally recognized musicians – as performers and composers – among their number.

Dr. K.R. Priyantha Tilakasiri
 Head of the Department

Message of the head

Our vision of the Department is to foster a dynamic and innovative learning environment that cultivates creative thinking and performance skills, academic excellence, research advancements and community engagements.

The Department of Music and Creative Technology places great importance on the students’ success and well-being. We provide support services comprising academic advising, research opportunities and extracurricular activities. We orientate students towards career guidance support and collaborations with industry partners and government institutions at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches will be the key to addressing social challenges. Here, empathy is the most powerful strength that bridges the gaps between individuals fostering understanding and compassion. We encourage active engagement among students, staff and society that values diverse perspectives and innovations.

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