Department of Music and Creative Technology

Music as an art form evolves constantly, with practitioners taking inspiration from composers and artists, past and present, and developing future sounds.  While our department focuses on creating a musician in every sense of the word, in the traditional way, it will also pay attention to giving students knowledge of the modern developments with regard to music. New technologies and techniques allow us to express our creativity in more ways than ever. As technology increasingly becomes part of the creative industries, the need for graduates who can harness, manipulate and innovate the music production process. has become essential.

Dr. K.R. Priyantha Tilakasiri
 Head of the Department

Message of the head

Our vision of the Department is to foster a dynamic and innovative learning environment that cultivates creative thinking and performance skills, academic excellence, research advancements and community engagements. Interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches will be key to addressing the complex challenges of the time. At the Department of Music and Creative Technology, we place great importance on the students’ success and well-being. We provide support services including academic advising, research opportunities and extracurricular activities. We orientate students towards career guidance paths and collaborations with industry partners and government institutions in undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Empathy is the most powerful force that bridges the gaps between individuals fostering understanding and compassion. We encourage active engagement between students and staff that values diverse perspectives and encourages innovations.


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