Data Analysis and Statistics Unit (DASU)


Welcome to the official website of the Data Analysis and Statistics Unit (DASU) at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS), University of Sri Jayewardenepura. DASU is dedicated to provide information with reliable and accurate statistics for the faculty administrative bodies and stakeholders.

Upcomming projects

  • Course Unit Enrollment Patterns
    First Year First Semester 2023

  • Students’ Awareness on Centers, Cells, Units, and Committees in FHSS 2023

  • Students’ Grade Distribution of Generic Course Units 2022

  • Students’ Grade Distribution of Generic Course Units 2022

  • Undergraduates’ IT Usage & Digital Literacy 2023

  • Students’ Feedback Analysis on Independent Study 2023


Composition of Academic Bodies – 2022

16 Departments

6 Committees

4 Centers

3 Units

2 Cells

1 Clubs

Academic Programs Composition - 2022

34 Degree Programs (Internal)

3 Degree Programs (External)

1 Higher Diplomas

19 Diplomas

1 Advance Certificates 

3 Certificates 

Undergraduate Student Composition – 2022

Immediate Graduate Composition – 2022

First Year


Second Year


Third Year


Fourth Year


Academic staff (2022) – 147

Academic Supportive Staff (2022) – 91

Non-academic staff (2022) – 46

Undergraduate and Graduate

This report contains undergraduate details, including enrollment by study year, enrollment by honors and bachelor’s degrees, gender compositions, graduate details, including Academic achievement level and honors and bachelor’s graduate outputs.
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This report contains academic/supportive and non-academic staff details, including academicn qualifications, designation, gender compositions,  and department vice composition.

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General information

This report contains department vice physical resources and activities details.

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Current Survey

Survey of Information Technology Usage & Digital Literacy 2023

The survey identified the students’ usage of Information Technology and their level of digital literacy in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The survey is conducted by the Data Analysis and Statistics Unit. The true information provided by you takes great importance for this study and our aim is support to getting the necessary decisions to the faculty to provide you with superior service by analyzing them.

All Publication

Statistical Abstract 2022

this statistical abstract presents a summary of the key statistics of the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, including the composition of Academic bodies, Academic program, Student enrolments, graduate output, Academic and Non-academic staff strength, and available physical resources

The Freshers Survey of 2023

The Freshers Survey of 2023 aimed to gather comprehensive data on students who enrolled in the academic year 2021/2022 through a Google Form. The survey analyzed students across various degree programs and collected information on several aspects, including district, residential sector, admission procedure, and more.