Committee of Orientation

Helping fresh undergraduates adapt to the university life. Socializing young undergraduates by strengthening their mind and body and pave way for them to look at the future with a broad mind.

Programs: Orientation program, Meditation program, Special cultural program

Committee of Coordinators for Extended Courses

Going beyond the task of disseminating knowledge to the students of first degree by enabling learning opportunities to other interested parties and ensuring the quality.

Programs: Inauguration ceremony for students following their respective diploma (The expense is covered by the students), Special training workshops, Printing work

Planning and Development Committee

Providing infrastructure for a more organized and standardized learning environment.

Programs: Refurbishment of the Sumangala building, Renovating lecture halls, Construction carried out with collaboration with the AHEAD project, Projects implemented to establish green buildings and green environments for learning purposes

Committee of Curriculum Development

Updating courses to suit the contemporary socio-economic structure.

Programs: Holding training workshops, Printing work ( New syllabus)

Committee for Students with Special Needs

Creating a suitable and a pleasant environment for differently able students.

Programs: Project of audio books, A concert to appreciate the talents of students with special needs, Special professional training programs, Upgrading equipment including computers to improve facilities

Committee of Research

Enabling opportunities to sharpen research skills of the faculty community.

Programs: Vidyodaya Undergraduate Research Day (VURD), Holding the International Research Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS), Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICICH), Oriental Languages (ICOL), Asian Primates, Pali and Buddhist Studies (ICTBS), National Action Research Conference on Higher Education (NARCHE)

Committee of Faculty Publications

Assisting to develop creative ideas of the faculty community and encouraging the development of creative subject-oriented books.

Programs: Faculty Publication Day, Providing donations for printing to the departmental subject committees, Workshops to give guidelines on improving the quality of publications

Committee of Cultural Development

Providing the assistance to exhibit the inherent creative talents of the faculty community.

Programs: Ranrasu, Centennial Celebration of FHSS, “Nishada Yamaya”, “Gee Kalaalaya”
Recreational programs for academic and non-academic staff, Geethanjali Bathi Gee ( Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies

Committee of Academic Mentoring

Helping students to overcome various challenges for the betterment of their future and providing appropriate career guidance.

Programs: Special workshops, Organizing audio-visual programs, Training the staff of lecturers

Committee for Students’ Welfare and Counselling

Helping students to solve psychological, physical, social and economic problems by giving them a proper guidance.

Programs: Faculty Board scholarships (Hardship), Students’ welfare, Giving donations to the students who face various difficulties, Special Training Programs

Committee for Multi-disciplinary Research

Coordination of the funds given to the lecturers for their research purposes.

Programs: Special research programs related to the Covid-19, Research on institutional training, Training programs on research methodology

Committee of Quality Assurance

Enabling a productive learning environment that suits the moderns tends of education and standardizing the quality.

Programs: Organizing training workshops, Establishing the concept of 5S, Maintaining the QAU unit

Committee of Academic Subject Coordination Association

Moulding the students to be productive in society by building their interpersonal skills and mutual understanding.

Programs: Special Training Programs (OBT), Special community service programs, Leadership training programs

Forum of Junior Lecturers

Creating a community that can logically think with the talent of decision making to sustain the future of the faculty.

Programs: Summer Camp and Leadership training, Special educational training programs, Organizing programs on counselling

Centre for Digital Education and Professional Development

Moulding students to be well prepared for the world of employment and organizing programs to improve their talents
Creating students who are equipped with the subject-oriented knowledge to suit the job market and ensuring the improvement of the professional skills and talents.

Programs: Certificate courses for internal students, Workshops for the training of digital education, Programs on the development of soft skills, LMS (Learning Management System), Brilliant Minds Competition (IQ)

Entrepreneurial Development Unit

Providing a formal beginning for the graduates who will render a commendable service and add value to the world in the future.

Programs: Certificate course on Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Competition on Business Ideas, National Entrepreneurship Development Authority and coordination of students, Entre Club Awards Ceremony

Committee for Information and Communication Technology

Identifying the needs of the computer laboratories, making decisions on purchases and maintenance.

Programs: Purchasing computers, Purchasing softwares, Training academic and non-academic staff, Holding certificate courses

Providing institutional training

Providing opportunities for undergraduates to improve their talents needed for the work environment.

Programs: Workshops on institutional training, Publishing journals related to institutional training

Vidyodaya Literary Awards Ceremony

Presenting Literary Awards Encouraging a creative generation to fulfil the social responsibility of the university.

Programs: Vidyodaya Literary Awards Ceremony