Department of Philosophy and Psychology

Psychology deals with the mental approach to problems that actually originated in philosophy. Psychology has in recent times become a field of study that adds value to workers by increasing productivity through the improvement in mental capacity to face challenges faced by people today. This is also referred to as clinical psychology which in psychological counseling and related activities is given prominence. 

Prof. W. M. Yaparathne

Head of the Department

Message of the head

Envisioned to guide and improve the future possibilities of the undergraduate, Department of Philosophy and Psychology offers two degree programs as Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Philosophy and Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Psychology. Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Philosophy motivates the undergraduate to explore the world with diverse philosophical notions. As the mother of all Sciences, ‘Philosophy’, enriches the undergraduate life with an extended vision, enabling him/her to read the world critically, evaluating the existing social, political phenomena. Also, enhancing the capacity for ethical judgment, the degree broadens the moral sense of the undergraduate about the world.

Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Psychology incorporates different dimensional aspects in the field of Psychology. Enhancing the research interest and academic skills of the undergraduate, this degree program promotes the practice of psychological theory and knowledge in their daily life. Empowering the graduate employability of students this degree program offers a sound basis for the skills development and attitudes.

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Bachelors Arts in Psychology

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