Department of Language, Cultural Studies

The Department of Languages, Cultural Studies and Performing Arts can be considered one of the oldest departments in the university since one of the subjects taught in it, Sanskrit, was taught from the inception of the Vidyodaya University in 1959, formally known as the Vidyodaya Pirivena, established in 1875. Sanskrit was then taught under the Faculty of Languages. These languages were taken under the Faculty of Arts subsequently and given to the Department of Languages and Cultural Studies which was established in 1972. In 2014, the name was changed into The Department of Languages, Cultural Studies and Performing Arts.

Dr. Wijaya Sri Vitharana
Head of the Department


The department offers subjects in two streams: Languages; Performing Arts and Cultural Studies. Under Languages, the subjects of Sanskrit, Hindi and French are taught while under Performing Arts, Music, Drama and Dancing are taught. The language lecturers contribute towards developing links between the Eastern and the Western world, and through language editing and improvement, they, together with their students, assist not only the university but society as a whole. The teachers of performing arts strive to improve the level of appreciation in their students, faculty, university and the society with their artistic activities.

Degree Programmes


This is one of the oldest subjects taught at the university. The syllabus has been designed with the needs of the country and the existing resources in mind. It has been designed with a place given to traditional…

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Students can follow Hindi as a Bachelors Degree or Honours Degree. By following these courses, students will be able to get full knowledge of Hindi literature and culture as well as the language. 

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French was introduced to the Department of Languages Cultural Studies and Performing Arts in 2002 as a General Degree Programme. The study programme is designed to improve the…

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Drama and Theatre

The Objective of this programme is to enhance in theoretical and practical knowledge of Drama and Theatre, Sri Lankan and World Drama, Script Writing, Criticism and Production.

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Dance and Cultural Studies

In the four years Special Degree offered for Dance, it is possible to gain a practical and theoretical knowledge of the subject. The background knowledge which…

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