Professional meeting with Edu-One institute for career development of FHSS undergraduates

Today (9th March 2022), the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences had a professional meeting with the Edu-One institute with the objective of building a framework for enhancing the employability skills of undergraduates while creating a platform with complete career guidance.

Edu-One is Sri Lanka’s first-ever total career guidance platform with an array of unique services for students and youth.

Prof. Shirantha Heenkenda, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences and a few faculty staff members were there as the representatives of faculty end fir this meeting. Mr Dian Baduge, Director of Edu-One and a staff member of that organization were there from the side of Edu-One institution.

The meeting was ended with huge success plus positive hopes about the SMART skill development of the undergraduates of FHSS, USJ in near future.

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