Sandeshawali Kawinaluwa (සන්දෙශාවලි කවිනළුව)

Sandeshawali Kawinaluwa  (සන්දෙශාවලි කවිනළුව) is a musical allure created based on  Gira (ගිරා), Parewi (පරෙවි), Kokiya (කෝකිල), Salalihini (සැළලිහිණි), and Hansa (හංස) sandesa poetries written in the Kotte Period (1412–1597).  This musical evening is organized by the Cultural Committee of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and will be held on 12th July 2018, 6.00 pm onwards at the Bandaranayake Hall of the University. 

In parallel to the musical allure, a special academic volume titled “Sandeshawali Kawinaluwa: Sangeethayamaya Wichithrangaya” comprising academic articles written based on the Kotte period’s literature will be launched.

Script and the Direction: Mrs. Hansamala Ritigahapola, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sinhala and Mass Communication
Music Direction and Dancing Choreography: Department of languages cultural Studies and Performing Art, FHSS
Executive Direction: Prof. Sampath Amaratuange, the Viche Chancellor, USJP
Supervision: Prof. D. P. S. Chandrakumara, Dean, FHSS and Dr. Praneeth Abyesundara, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Anthropology
Editor of theSandeshawali Kawinaluwa volume: Dr. Sujeewa Perers, Senior Lecturer in the Department of English and Linguistics.