DIPLOMA IN ENGLISH (SLQF Level 3, NVQ Level 5) organized by the Centre for Digital Education and Professional Development in collaboration with the The Department of English Language Teaching, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences will be commenced from 11th September 2021 onwards.

The course is expected to help students to build their research and academic skills, by developing their linguistic knowledge. This is also expected to enable the participants to liaise with various businesses or other organizations.  This course is also planned so as students will also get some extra-linguistic knowledge in the sense of being made aware of the ideology inherent in language.  Thereby, their critical thinking ability, their sense of self and self-confidence, their vision about what language can do, will also improve.

Also the diploma is an optional course and those who wish to further continue their English education after the first year compulsory English programme can join this course. This will ensure the sustainability and the success of the programme too as those who are really interested in further learning English will join and complete it.

Register for the Course through: Registration – Diploma in English
Fore More info Visit: http://cdepd.fhss.sjp.ac.lk / http://cdepd.fhss.sjp.ac.lk/coming-soon/


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