DELT Speech Star 2023

The Department of English Language Teaching hosted the DELT Speech Star Competition 2023 on the 5th of October 2023, showcasing an array of exceptional talents in the field of public speaking. The competition featured the first year undergraduates of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, who demonstrated their eloquence mainly under two categories; Non-English department students and the English Department students, especially to have a reasonable field to compete. 

The competition not only highlighted the extraordinary speaking talents but also served as a platform for the participants to build their confidence, enhance their communication skills, and express their thoughts on the main theme “Motivation drives success”.  

After rounds of captivating speeches and engaging debates, the judges selected three winners from each category. The winners of the Category 1 (Non-English Department students) are G. A. Umayangani (1st place), Nisangi Gunasekara (2nd place) and Minodi W. C. (3rd Place). The winners of the Category 2 (English Department) are T. M. De Silva (1st place), Sandali Hansika (2nd place) and Shamla Hamza (3rd place).  

The DELT Speech Star 2023 was held this time for the third consecutive year. This shows the university’s commitment to foster academic and personal growth of its community. This competition not only nurtures linguistic abilities but also instills self-confidence of the students to use English for communication, and it will become an inspiration to all the students of the university.