Act to Stop Photography Competition

The Green Hub of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has successfully concluded the Act to Stop Photography Competition.

This competition was organized with the intention of unlocking the potential of the students in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in contributing to sustainable development. The Green Hub identified the need to develop student knowledge about human induced destruction of the environment through effective modes of communication. Therefore, students were invited to showcase the consequences of environmental destruction through photography.

The selected photographs range from environmental pollution due to urbanization, and industrialization to threats to biodiversity. These images address the need for environment sustainability and prompt students to engage in individual and collective environment-sustainable actions.

First Place

Chamini Vithanage

Don’t throw away your rubbish to nature, definitely it will be a painful outcome and also it will directly impact us.

Second Place

Pramodhya Wimalasena

I took this picture of the kospothu oya flowing down my house. This begins with a small beautiful canal. When I took this picture, I saw plastics, glasses, non-corrosive material on both sides of the canal and I removed them and cleaned both sides of the canal.

Third place

Ishini Hansika

Let’s End Marine Pollution. Marine pollution is caused by solid waste, liquid waste and toxic chemicals. Sri Lanka releases about 600,000 tons of plastic into the sea annually. As a result, the marine pollution index has reached a high level. We will do everything we can to save such marine life.