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The Cultural Committee and the Japura Tourism of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura will be present the Short Video Competition aiming to preserve the Cultural Heritage and promote tourism industry in Sri Lanka. The theme of this competition is “Sri Lankan heritage” and it provides a platform for aspiring filmmakers, storytellers, and video enthusiasts to showcase their creativity skills through short videos. This competition not only encourages creative expression of the University community but also contributes to the growth of Sri Lanka’s tourism industry. By fostering a platform for students to showcase their Video making skills and their perspectives on tourism, we aim to enhance awareness and appreciation for the country’s cultural and natural treasures. This will be a call for innovative ideas that portray the essence of the country’s tourism potential.

Collaborative Partners:

  • Future Lanka Research & Development Foundation
  • Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB)

Collaborative Workshops:

The registered competitors will be given the support to bring their ideas to life through short videos. They will receive mentorship and guidance from the Asian Film Academy. Asian Film academy will organize workshops focusing on the concept, synopsis writing, filmmaking techniques, storytelling, and tourism-related content. These workshops will enrich participants & skills and understanding of both the creative and tourism aspects of the project. Participation in these workshops is not mandatory.

Committee Members

  • Prof. Shirantha Heenkenda – Dean / Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Committee Members
  • Dr. Himalika Ranaweera – Department of Language, Cultural Studies and Performing Arts
  • Dr. Nelum Kanthilatha –  Department of Anthropology
  • Mr. Muditha Amrumawadu – Department of Music and Creative Technology
  • Mr. Tharindu Wijethunga – Department of Sociology
  • Mr. Rasika Jayasinghe – Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies
  • Mr. Charith Mudalige – Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies
  • Ms. Sandunika Rathnayaka – Department of Sinhala and Mass Communication