Mapping your pathways to success with the opportunities at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS)

It is often a challenge to come to a clear conclusion about what you really want to achieve in life. How you make that journey towards your targets becomes a greater challenge if you do not have access to proper assistance. In a world full of possibilities, you might feel like you are at a crossroads, wanting help or guidance to decide what works best for you. Understanding this reality of the modern day, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura has introduced several programmes that fit your academic interests and professional aspirations. By engaging in these activities, the students have a chance to explore their talents, their passions, and desired destination in life.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

First Year

The first year at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences means taking the first step to exploring your pathways. Apart from the academic journey you have just begun, there are other programmes in which you have the possibility of getting yourself involved if it sparks an interest in you. Some of the programmes unique to the first year are:

  • Certificate course in Library and Information Sciences
  • First year compulsory English course units (6 credits)
  • First year compulsory ICT course units (4 credits)

It is no surprise that adapting to university life after 13 years in school can be a challenging start and a refreshing experience at the same time. In the first year, the setting and its people, are vast and sometimes it is only natural to feel life as somewhat daunting. However, one possible solution to overcome any such barriers in the first academic year is active participation in extra-curricular activities. Many students in their first year prefer to become active members of various clubs at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, where they not only develop their skills, but also start building a network of people they would possibly work with in the future. As physical and mental fitness is mandatory for the overall well-being during the undergraduate life, the students can also explore various sports opportunities at the university.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Second Year

In the second year, the students are given a chance to specialize in a subject area that interests them. These Academic Departments of the faculty currently offer degrees under 34 academic fields, conducted in both media of Sinhala and English. The undergraduate prospectus is specifically designed to guide the students when choosing the subject area that they wish to specialize in.

Apart from the subject selections, the students are also provided with a platform to further enhance their horizons through additional programmes. In your second year more doors open for you as you can also do the following:

  • Take a Diploma in English (optional)
  • Sharpen your knowledge of English with compulsory course units (6 credits)
  • Learn more about ICT as you take compulsory course units in ICT (2 credits)
  • Take an optional course unit in Employability Skills for Academic and Career Development
  • Specialize in a foreign language to keep up with the communication skills required in the world of work. Following degree courses have recently been introduced to our undergraduates.
    1. Bachelor of Arts Honours in Chinese
    2. Bachelor of Arts Honours in French
    3. Bachelor of Arts Honours in Japanese
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Third Year

In the third year, the students have a chance to test the language proficiency and communication skills by enrolling in:

  • Diploma in Applied Tamil Language
  • Third year compulsory English course unit (1 credit)

 It is essential to be knowledgeable in the IT skills as the students reach closer to securing positions in the world of employment. What our faculty has to offer to develop these skills can make the third year more meaningful and productive. Following are the options available to further explore knowledge of IT:

  • Third year ICT generic course unit (1 credit)
  • Data Analysis Using STATA and Minitab
  • Data Analysis using AMOS and Smart PLS

The undergraduate journey will divert into two separate paths depending on the degree that is being followed. If it’s a general degree, the third year will be the final year of studies. Upon completion of the examination, the door to step into the world of work opens. The students can also opt for enrolling in a postgraduate course either in Sri Lanka or in another country. Either way, it is important that the students have built a CV/resume and a strong portfolio of work to impress the prospective recruiters. The faculty organizes numerous workshops regularly to promote a comprehensive awareness of these important areas.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Fourth Year

In your fourth year, the undergraduates will be working tirelessly on the dissertation. Additionally, the following opportunities are provided when the students are about to conclude the academic life as an undergraduate at the faculty:

  • Industrial awareness and entrepreneurial programme (1 credit course unit)

The students get the opportunity to meet industry professionals during webinars and workshops organized by the faculty and get useful tips on developing soft skills that are needed in the job world. It is also essential for the undergraduates to maintain the Internship Journal where they keep a record of all the tasks involved in the internship trainings.

  • Internship training (4 credits)
  • Data Analysis using R (an optional IT course for fourth year undergraduates)

Moreover, the students have many other opportunities to explore the talents irrespective of their academic year. Here is a glimpse of what the faculty has in store to maximize students’ engagement.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Brilliant Minds
Student Forum

Develop Entrepreneurial skills with the EntreClub

The students from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years can enroll in an Entrepreneurship certificate course conducted free of charge to provide a chance to learn about developing entrepreneurial skills.

Joining the EntreClub unlocks the possibility of engaging with professional entrepreneurs and successful businesses in the country. The students can participate in various field trips organized annually to have a practical knowledge of useful tips needed when starting up their own business in future.

Test the IQ skills and language competencies at the Brilliant Minds Competition

Brilliant Minds – Multiple Intelligence Challenge- MIC organized by the Center for Digital Education and Professional Development (CDEPD)

The objective of the competition is to enhance multiple intelligence of the undergraduates as well as to prepare them for future competitive entrance exams and subsequent career prospects.

Since all the internal students from all four years of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences could take part in the competition, this would also be a great opportunity to motivate the current undergraduates to pursue careers in Sri Lanka Administrative Service by providing them the confidence to face highly competitive entrance examinations in future.

Subasha is the other addition to Brilliant Minds Competition. This is a competition that tests vocablulary, grammar, and other uses of Sinhala language.

All practice tests are made available on the CDEPD website

Broaden soft-skills and build networks with Students’ Associations – Student Forum of the FHSS

Formed on departmental levels, the clubs and societies of the faculty provide the students with an ideal platform to take the lead in organizing numerous activities. All the flag-bearers of the students’ associations form the Student Forum where CSR projects, student-lead conferences, shramadhana campaigns, competitions, etc. are commonly organized.

Practicing eco-friendly habits with the GreenHub

If the students are passionate about wildlife and promoting awareness of environmental preservation, Act to Stop is the perfect platform to make a stand. This is a photography competition organized by the Green Hub of the faculty where the participants produce photographs that bring to light various dynamics of nature. The winners of the competition are awarded valuable prizes.

Through ‘Haritha Viru’ a competition, our students are actively participating in advocating eco-friendly practices. Those who win the competition are recognized at the end of the competition and presented valuable prizes.  

Exploring the creative flair at Ranrasu Artistic Platform

Ranrasu is a significant platform of demonstrating artistic talents organized by the faculty to open opportunities for the undergraduates to display their talents in various fields such as dancing, singing, announcing, playing, acting, painting, lyric-writing, short-story writing, short film-making, documentary writing and production, etc. The undergraduates are given the freedom to come up with their own artistic and creative ideas which are finally demonstrated in front of an audience on the day of the festival. As this occasion comprises of many group events, the undergraduates inevitably gain the opportunity to work as a team, effectively communicate with one another, listen empathetically to the others and brainstorm the creativity that needs to be demonstrated to the world. 

Receiving Recognition for the publications at the Vidyodaya Literary Awards

Appreciating those who engage in the field of literary publishing is the main objective of annual Vidyodaya Literary Awards. Our students get the chance to receive due recognition for their published literary work during this awarding ceremony.

As the academic journey progresses at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the students will constantly receive recognition from the faculty. The efforts to succeed in undergraduate life will be recognized in terms of the following awards:

  • Dean’s Award – Community Leader of the Year Award
  • VURD (Vidoyodaya Undergraduate Research Day) Awards and Certificates
  • Dean’s Honour List Award
  • Gold Medals recognizing academic excellence at the Annual General Convocation

The faculty is always committed to provide unfailing support for the undergraduates to excel in their undergraduate life. In the event of difficulties faced by undergraduates, the Student Support Center addresses students’ grievances. The Academic Mentoring Committee closely associates with our student community to help them overcome challenges. The students who face financial difficulties can also apply to receive scholarships facilitated by the Hardship Fund of the faculty.

This brochure provides with just a glimpse of the opportunities for our undergraduates to explore at the faculty. Log in to faculty website, FHSS Facebook page, CDEPD website and YouTube channel to find out more information about various events programmes.