Registration: Those who choose to work as interns, community development workers or entrepreneurs should register for the program at the relevant department before the end of the previous academic year/semester. Students who need support to find placements should also mention that at the time of registration. In addition, they must provide other relevant details indicated in the Application Form (Appendix – 1) prepared for that purpose. However, finding placements for voluntary community development work is the sole responsibility of the students who intend to engage in that category of work. Such students should inform the relevant department once they find placements as a community development worker with the completed application/registration forms. The registration is similar to that of the internship program.

Eligibility: In order to register for the internship/social work/entrepreneurial activity, students should have

  • Attended 80% of lectures in the first semester of the final year
  • Completed all the course units in the previous years and in the first semester of the final year
  • Completed initial or mandatory training requirements
  • They should not have got involved in disciplinary or examination offenses

Note: Each department may have its own specific prerequisites for the internship program.

Preparing for Training: Preliminary training will be conducted by the Soft Skills Development Center in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences as well as National Apprentice & Industrial Training Authority (NAITA)

During The Internship

Responsibilities of a student while interning: In order to maintain good standards in the internship, students also have the following responsibilities.

  • Maintain the internship for the duration of the approved and agreed time period.
  • Perform all duties and responsibilities in a professional manner
  • Abide by the personnel policies of the internship company/organization, maintain regular and prompt attendance and contact the appropriate supervisor when questions arise
  • Maintain confidentiality with regard to sensitive information gained in the work environment
  • Take responsibility to provide the completed forms on due date
  • Maintain contact with the internal internship supervisor
  • Follow the procedures, rules/regulations as per NAITA.

End of First Month Review: At the end of the first month of the intern period, student performance and the overall progress of the internship is reviewed by the respective department.  For the completion of the review, Students involved in institutional training, must submit the completed Interim Review Form (Appendix 2A). The students who are involved in community work and entrepreneurial activities are required to submit one page Summary Report (Appendix 2B) within the due period.

Final Evaluation: At the end of each internship programs in the three areas, students should submit an Internship Journal; Final Portfolio or Final Report for the purpose of final assessment.

Students involved in institutional training should submit an Internship Journal (Appendix 3A-the faculty of humanities and social sciences will provide the printed journal) to the internal internship supervisor of relevant department for the assessment purpose.  Along with the Internship Journal, students should submit the following completed forms: Employer’s/the Internship Mentor’s Evaluation form (Appendix 3B); Student Self-Evaluation of Internship form (Appendix 3C).

Students who are involved in community work have to submit a Final Portfolio. The format of the Final Portfolio is given in Appendix 4.

Students who are involved in entrepreneurial activities have to submit a Final Report comprising the following. The format of the Final Report is given in Appendix 5.

Students must handover the Internship Journal/ Final Portfolio/ Final Report within the first two weeks after completion of the training.

Students seeking certifications from the NAITA may have additional guidelines and requirements.