The Department of Social Statistics is one of the most progressive departments of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka. The department was established in the year 1995 and this is the pioneer department in the Sri Lankan University System which offers degrees in Social Statistics and Business Statistics in the stream of Humanities and Social Sciences. The department has a proud history of teaching, research, and consulting over almost three decades. The department conducts three honors degree programs: Social Statistics, Business Statistics and Information Technology. Also, the department offers subjects for three-year Bachelor degree program mainly in three main fields of study as Social Statistics, Management and Information Technology, and Information Technology to cater to the requirements of the country.

The Honours degree program in Social Statistics focuses on Statistics, Mathematics, Population Studies and Information Technology while the Honors degree program in Business Statistics focuses on Statistics, Mathematics, Management and Information Technology. The newly introduced Honors degree program in Information Technology focuses on e-Learning, Information Systems, Computer-aided designing and other key areas of Information Technology. Currently, the department offers Postgraduate Diploma in Business/Social Statistics for graduates who are willing to expertise in the fields of Business and Social Statistics.

All the degree programs that are offered guide students to follow globally demanding fields of study and to cope up with modern competitive world. Furthermore, the department promotes research culture with collaboration of staff and students in order to poster a live and stimulating learning environment within the department. Moreover, under the supervision of academic staff, the Students’ Association of the department plays a vital role in the department in order to learn to see beyond the horizon. The department measures success in term of collaborative team work not as in individual achievement.

Mission of the Department

The Department of Social Statistics disseminates sound theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of Statistics, Management and Information Technology to prepare the students with multidisciplinary skills by shaping their analytical skills and logical thinking abilities of making correct decisions at uncertainty.