The Department offers two Special Degree programs in Business Statistics and Social Statistics and conducts Social Statistics and Management and Information Technology as two subjects for BA (General) Degree program.

The Business Statistics Degree program emphasizes statistical techniques and management and information technology while Social Statistics Degree Program emphasizes statistical techniques and computer applications. The General Degree Program of Social Statistics includes sufficient number of units of Statistics mainly designed for applications in Social Sciences. The newly introduced program of Management and Information Technology will help students to change their traditional field of study and follow new market oriented discipline.

All course units are designed enabling to produce high quality graduates with a sound knowledge and skills in collecting, organizing, presenting, analyzing and interpreting data for planning, forecasting and decision making in social and business fields.

The Department also offers a sound number of units in Computer Science and Management fields. By teaching these units together with Statistics, the Department focuses on creating perfect graduates who can easily fit into the modern competitive world. Computer Science units include: An Introduction to the subject, Database Management, Management Information System, and Computer Programming. Management units cover Basic Management Fundamentals, Human Resource Management, Principles of Accountancy, Marketing Management and Financial Management.

The Department now focuses on enhancing the learning environment through student-oriented activities. Therefore, the Department has an active consulting center which consists of senior lecturers, the student resource center, the Department student committee and many other projects which will be activated in the future in order to provide live and stimulating environment for learning. With a view to enhance further the knowledge and qualifications gained by the graduates, the Department is currently, planning to offer Post Graduate Diploma courses for them in the near future.