Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) Degree in Business Statistics


The degree program underpins the understanding of numerical techniques used in the business world to aid decision making by providing statistical, mathematical, management and information technology foundations that are necessary in any area of business. The courses of the study program are designed from introductory level to advanced level and structured in a logical sequence for delivering in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge to be excellent in the discipline.

Code Course Unit Status Pre-requisites
SOST 1101.3 Basic Mathematics CCU None
SOST 1201.3 Descriptive Statistics CCU None
SOST 2101.3 Intermediate Mathematics CCU SOST 1101.3
SOST 2102.3 Probability and Probability Distributions CCU SOST 1101.3
MGIT 2103.3 Principles of Management CCU None
MGIT 2105.3 Database Management CCU None
SOST 2201.3 Advanced Mathematics HCU SOST 2101.3
SOST 2202.3 Inferential Statistics CCU SOST 2102.3
MGIT 2204.3 Human Resources Management CCU MGIT 2103.3
MGIT 2206.3 Principles of Accountancy CCU MGIT 2103.3
SOST 3101.3 Sample Survey Techniques CCU None
SOST 3102.3 Probability Distribution Theory HCU SOST 2102.3
SOST 3103.3 Regression Analysis HCU SOST 2202.3
MGIT 3107.3 Marketing Management CCU MGIT 2103.3
MGIT 3108.3 Computer Programming CCU MGIT 2105.3
SOST 3201.3 Non-parametric Statistical Methods CCU SOST 2202.3
SOST 3202.2 Theory of Statistical Inference HCU SOST 2202.3
SOST 3203.3 Time Series Analysis HCU SOST 2202.3
MGIT 3208.3 Financial Management CCU MGIT 2103.3
SOST 3206.1 Research Methodology HCU None
MGIT 0099.3 Independent Research Study – Phase I HCU None
SOST 4101.3 Operations Research I HCU SOST 1101.3
SOST 4102.3 Categorical Data Analysis HCU SOST 2202.3
SOST 4103.3 Design and Analysis of Experiment HCU SOST 2202.3
SOST 4104.3 Multivariate Analysis HCU SOST 2201.3 &

SOST 2202.3

SOST 4105.3 Data Analysis HCU SOST 1201.3
MGIT 0099.3 Independent Research Study – Phase II HCU None
* MGIT 0098.1 Institutional Awareness and Entrepreneurial Development HOCU None
* MGIT 0098.3 Industrial / Alternative Training HOCU None
* SOST 4201.2 Statistical Quality Control HOCU SOST 2202.3
* SOST 4202.2 Operations Research II HOCU SOST 4101.3

* The department reserves the right to offer SOST 4201.2 and SOST 4202.2 instead of MGIT 0098.1 and MGIT 0098.3 if so decided.