Main Fields of Study for the Bachelor Degree

The department offers course units for the students who are willing to follow the three-year Bachelor of Arts degree programme in distinct two demandable fields as Social Statistics and Management and Information Technology. The main field of Social Statistics focuses on Statistics, Demography and Mathematics. Under the main field of Management and Information Technology, management areas such as Human Resource Management, Marketing and Finance and necessary skills in Information Technology are covered.


Social Statistics

Code Course Unit Status Pre-requisites
SST 1113 Basic Mathematics CCU None
SST 1213 Descriptive Statistics CCU None
SST 2113 Intermediate Mathematics CCU SST 1113
SST 2123 Probability and Probability Distributions CCU SST 1113
SST 2223 Inferential Statistics CCU SST 2123
SST 2233 Introduction to Population Studies CCU SST 1213
SST 3113 Sample Survey Techniques CCU None
SST 3133 Regression Analysis CCU SST 2223
SST 3213 Non-parametric Statistical Methods CCU SST 2223
SST 3233 Time Series Analysis CCU SST 2223


Management and Information Technology

Code Course Unit Status Pre-requisites
MIT 1113 Introduction to Information Technology CCU None
MIT 1213 Fundamentals of Programming CCU MIT 1113
MIT 2113 Principles of Management CCU None
MIT 2123 Database Management None CCU
MIT 2213 Principles of Accountancy CCU MIT 2113
MIT 2223 Human Resources Management CCU MIT 2113
MIT 3113 Web Development CCU MIT 1113
MIT 3123 Marketing Management CCU MIT 2113
MIT 3213 Financial Management CCU MIT 2213
MIT 3223 Management Information Systems CCU MIT 2113