Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Information Technology

Information technology is become an integrated part of the people’s life in the modern word and the demand for the subject is rapidly growing up day by day. The main aim of this degree program is to produce competent and creative graduates equipped with modern Information Technology knowledge and soft skills required to sustain the digitalized society while increasing the employability rate. It wishes to fulfil the shortage of the needed labour force requirements of the emerging field such as e-learning, creative designing, and information systems. The course units of the degree program are designed from introductory level to advanced level covering related knowledge and skills and students can be specialized in one of the three main areas with their interest. The graduates in Information Technology are able to fulfill the requirements of digitalized society in the country disseminating their knowledge and skills earn from the degree programme.

Code Course Unit Status Pre-requisites
ITE 1113 Introduction to Information Technology CCU None
ITE 1213 Fundamentals of Programming CCU ITE 1113
ITE 2113 System Analysis and Designing HCU ITE 1113
ITE 2123 Computer Graphics and Multimedia HCU None
ITE 2133 Principles of Management CCU None
ITE 2143 Database Management CCU None
ITE 2213 Web Systems and Technologies CCU None
ITE 2223 Data Communication and Computer Networks CCU ITE 1113
ITE 2233 Audio Video Technology CCU ITE 2123
ITE 2243 Human Resources Management CCU ITE 2133
ITE 3113 Web Development CCU ITE 1113
ITE 3123 Mobile Application Development HCU ITE 1213
ITE 3133 Data Mining and Data Warehousing CCU ITE 2143
ITE 3143 Introduction to E-Learning HOCU ITE 1113
ITE 3153 Audio and Video Production HOCU ITE 2233
ITE 3163 Multimedia Information System in Practice HOCU ITE 2233
ITE 3213 Software Engineering HCU ITE 2113
ITE 3223 Human Computer Interaction CCU ITE 1213
ITE 3233 Entrepreneurship CCU None
ITE 3243 Instructional Design Methodology for E-Learning HOCU ITE 3143
ITE 3253 Fashion Design and Technology HOCU None
ITE 3263 Architectural Design HOCU ITE 2233
ITE 3273 Management Information Systems CCU ITE 2133
ITE 3203 Independent Research Study – Phase I HCU None
ITE 4113 Information Technology Project Management HCU ITE 1113
ITE 4123 Information Security and Law HCU ITE 1113
ITE 4133 Business Process Reengineering HCU ITE 2113
ITE 4143 E-commerce HCU ITE 3273
ITE 4153 Learning Management System (LMS) Administration HOCU ITE 3243
ITE 4163 Printing Technology HOCU ITE 2123
ITE 4173 Data Analysis for Decision Making HOCU ITE 3133
ITE 4103 Independent Research Study – Phase II HCU None
ITE 4201 Institutional Awareness and Entrepreneurial Development HCU None
ITE 4203 Industrial / Alternative Training Opportunity HCU None