English Language Society (ELS)

Peer-Learning Club (PLC) was formed in 2019 under the English Language Society (ELS) of the DELT. The purpose of this club is to get the help of more competent peers to help those who need basic help. This peer learning club operates under the direct leadership of the head of the department. A temporary assistant lecturer is in charge of the lessons and activities. In a country like Sri Lanka where teacher-dominant learning methods remain the norm, radical changes need to be made in the higher education sector. It is assumed that PLC will help us change the teacher-centred teaching and learning to learner-centred learning in order to produce a global graduate who can survive in the current competitive world. It is important to empower the learners and train them to work independently as well as collaboratively depending on the situation. Peer-learning where learners of the same class work together and help each other understand the errors, mistakes and ways to improve their speaking and writing seems to be appropriate for this purpose. Therefore, a peer learning club has been formed under the ESL of the DELT to facilitate student learning.

Events organised by ELS