Scientific Communication Programme for the Students of the Faculty of Applied Sciences

ENG 202 2.0

The English proficiency course offered by the English Language Teaching Unit to the students of the Faculty of Applied Sciences is geared to help students deal with any language problem they might have when they follow their courses in the English medium in their faculty.   The ten lessons planned for them in the first year first semester, cover the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Awareness of the course and the above skills is given to the students during the orientation programme.  A placement test is conduted during the orientation programme and those who score above 40 marks are exempted from the ongoing English classes. (They are considered as having passed the compulsory English requirement.) The main on-going classes are arranged for the students who have scored below 40 marks and these classes are aimed at developing the language skills needed to follow their academic course successfully.   However, Advanced English classes are organized for the students who have scored above 40 marks on request.

Course Content

Accordingly, summary writing, paragraph writing, report writing based on graphs and paraphrasing, to improve their writing skills are taught within the programme.  The grammar that the students need to know to write effective sentences are also taught in context, so that ,  at the end of the course students are expected to know how to construct simple, compound and complex sentences and use all tenses, in the active and passive voice, successfully.

They are taught how to take effective notes in the listening activities planned for them. While many language games and activities are planned for the improvement of their speech, they are trained to make effective power point presentations as well as subject specific poster presentations.

First Year

Semester I : The Placement Test

(The students who score above 40 marks will be exempted from the final examination)

COME 1101   Compulsory English (Scientific Communication)
ACAE  1102   (Academic English I – Optional)

(Two assignments of 10 marks each and no semester end written examination)

Semester 11

COME 1201   Compulsory English (Scientific Communication)
ACAE  1202   (Academic English I – Optional)

(Two assignments of 10 marks each and a final written examination of 60 marks)

Second Year

Semester I

ACAE 2101    Academic English II – Optional

Semester II

ACAE 2201    Academic English III – Optional