Diploma in English

The Department of English Language Teaching  of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura has designed this course in response to a growing demand from students and professionals.

One year Diploma in English is offered by the Department of English Language Teaching of the University to address the growing demand of professionals and school leavers. The students who successfully complete the Certificate Course in English offered by the Department of English Language will also benefit, as they have a path to further enhance their competency in the target language.

By the end of this course the students are expected to:

  • be aware of the nature of language
  • have a knowledge of the different varieties of language
  • understand what constitutes error in language
  • understand how language is acquired
  • know which methodologies can be used to teach English
  • know the principles on which modern language teaching is based
  • know what is involved in developing language skills
  • know how different aids and techniques can be used to do this
  • be able to integrate skills: the four skills
  • be aware of the factors affecting teaching aims
  • understand the role of the teacher and have a basis for self-evaluation
  • be aware of the different modes of classroom interaction
  • be able to plan effective lessons
  • have a knowledge of the main concerns of linguistic theory
  • have started to relate linguistic theory to the practice of teaching

Course Details

Lectures and practical sessions will be conducted on

Sundays from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm
                       Duration: One year (450 hours- SLQF Level  03, NVQ Level  05)
                       Course Fee:Rs.40,000/-(Full payment must  be paid at the time of the registration)

Target Group

Any individual who is interested in enhancing his/her English Language competency.(Oral & written)

Programme objective

The objectives of the proposed Diploma in English are

  1. To create an opportunity for the professionals and school leavers to further continue their English education and develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English

 Profile of the Diploma holder

Upon successful completion of this Diploma in English,

  1. Participants will demonstrate a higher awareness of the target language and an ability to communicate in the target language more confidently and effectively
  2. They will display the skills to use appropriate social etiquette, interpersonal communication skills and understand the target language used in different academic and professional contexts.

 Admission Requirements

 To be accepted to the Diploma in English, candidates should have

  • S pass in General English at G.C.E. (A/L)
  • OR Credit pass in English at G.C.E.( O/L)
  • OR successfully completed a Certificate Course in English at a recognized institution
  • OR any other professional or academic qualification acceptable to the university.

Selection Procedure

An interview will be held to examine the eligibility/ qualifications of the candidates.

Course structure

Module No. Title of the Modules No. of lecture hours Credits Evaluation
Module 1 Advanced Grammar 90 6 60% for final examination + 40% for continuous assessment
Module 2 Language Competency 90 6 60% for final examination + 40% for continuous assessment
Module 3 Language through Literature 90 6 60% for final examination + 40% for continuous assessment
Module 4 Oral competency 45 3 60% for final examination + 40% for continuous assessment
Module 5


Extended Essay 135 9 60% for the final product + 40% for proposal presentation and final viva
Total 450 hrs 30

* Students can complete modules 1, 2, 3 and 4 covering 225 hours of face to face instructionsand exit the course with a Certificate in English. Those who wish to obtain the Diploma in English should complete modules 5 and 6 as well covering 450 hours of instructions altogether and obtain the Diploma in English

For further details, contact the DELT on 0112 802499