Thoughts of our graduates 

“After completing my degree, I acquired more than three years of experience as a software engineer from well-recognized software companies in Sri Lanka as well as in Australia. The knowledge I gained from this degree program gave me invaluable exposure to the real-world challenges being confronted by different types of businesses and administrations. I would highly recommend this degree program for the students who are looking forward to stepping into the Information Technology industry”

Oshadi Rathnayake (Class of 2017)
Software Engineer
Axiata Digital Labs

“There was a really good atmosphere and a friendly culture among everyone in the department. The knowledge and skills I gained during my time as an undergraduate of the ICT department is extensive. My internship experience at Epic Lanka Technologies (Pvt) Ltd was the 1st corporate exposure I’ve ever had and it helped me explore the diverse career opportunities in the IT industry. I’m proud to be a product of the Department of ICT”

Janith Panditharathne (Class of 2018)
DevOps Engineer
Zone 24×7

“As an undergraduate who had a passion for Arts, a Bachelor’s in Information Technology was not something I looked for – it found me. Studying IT was not the easiest thing in my life, but definitely one of the best. It taught me to learn and to think differently as well as to blend Arts with Logic. The degree offered a range of courses that involved not only technical understanding of course material but applied to learn as well. I learned so much from my lecturers, classmates and myself through hard work and determination. This education gave me a very solid foundation to feel confident and comfortable in my skills and knowledge to move forward and not settle. My internship as a Project Management Intern assisted me to gain a stronger understanding of important material required in my preferred domain. It allowed me to understand what it was like to work in the industry while exploring its career opportunities. Although the road was sometimes long and things did not always want to go my way, the tremendous feeling of accomplishment received after I completed my degree is one not easily described. It’s been quite a journey so far and thanks to the Department of ICT, I’m truly proud of where I am now!”

Nikoki Weerakoon (Class of 2020)
Temporary Assistant Lecturer
Department of ICT, University of Sri Jayewardenepura

“I was privileged to have a degree in Information and Communication Technology, a subject that is moving forward with the emerging technologies. I was able to gain a lot of knowledge while I’m studying in this degree course. Also, the institutional training gave me the opportunity to learn about new technologies in the world that are updated with innovative ideas. The vast amount of knowledge I have gained through this degree has been very useful for my career. Further, we were able to conduct our educational activities in a convenient and friendly environment, with excellent academic staff. It’s really an honour for me to be a product of the Department of ICT”

Udayanga Sampath Hatharasinghe (Class of 2018)
Instructor in Information Technology
IT Centre, University of Sri Jayewardenepura

“When I reflect on my four years in the degree program, I conclude that the experience not only made me a better person but also prepared me in unpredictable ways for my career. Through workshops and the academic work with incredibly supportive classmates, and lecturers who were nothing but a sort of champions. I became more confident about the pathway I should take in the future after graduating with the IT degree. Throughout my undergraduate life experiences, knowledge and skills gathered have led me to come this far. I got an opportunity to complete my internship as a Business Systems Analyst which helped me a lot to enhance the industry experience in the calibre I graduated. Moreover, the experiences I gathered throughout the internship time made me understand more about the technical domain and to apply what we have learnt into real-world examples.” 

Teshani Dissanayake (Class of 2020)
Temporary Assistant Lecturer
Department of ICT, University of Sri Jayewardenepura

“I graduated from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura in 2018 and now I’m working in a renowned software development company in Sri Lanka. Even though I am from an arts background I’m working in the IT industry with everyone from other universities confidently. I think that confidence came from my roots, University of Jayewardenepura, Department of ICT. It gave me good exposure to the fundamentals of the ICT industry and its culture helped me to motivate myself to choose this rewarding career.”

Hiranya Perera (Class of 2018)
Software Engineer
Zone 24×7

“Being a lecturer, I understand the value of education and also the effort that must be put into accomplishing this goal. With trust, I am saying that the Department of ICT is the place for you to start climbing up the ladder to become an IT professional as it also paved me the path for the success in my life”

Dinithi Samindika (Class of 2016)
Consultant /Lecturer in Information Technology

“As a Graduate of this degree program, I was fortunate enough to experience, quality, world-class education from the Department of ICT. Overall, learning has been a fantastic experience.

In my case, the academic professionals, the infrastructure and supports for students were excellent. I have enjoyed access to a range of services and courses created to promote career development. My internship as a Trainee Business Intelligence Analyst offered me great exposure to the industry, especially to explore opportunities in the IT industry. I was able to work with experts in my field and what I learnt from them are have shaped my present career. 

The guidance received from my lecturers, the friendships I have strengthened by teamwork, and experiences from social activities are beyond words. All of this has helped me become productive and more confident to follow my goal and to become who I am today.”

Harindra Jayaneththi (Class of 2020)
Graduate Trainee
Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation Limited

“I am proud to have completed this degree program. Scientific exploration and practicals had captured my interest in the ICT field. My internship experience taught me a great deal about stepping into the corporate world as well. Overall, it was a great opportunity and a lifetime experience for me to being engaged with this invaluable degree program.”

Chamali Pabasara (Class of 2020)
Computer Instructor
ITRC, University of Sri Jayewardenepura

“As a graduate of the BSc (Hons) in IT degree program, I feel I have attained a strong foundation in Information Technology which has equipped me with the skills to learn any emerging technologies. There was a unique learning atmosphere. Professional teaching, creative classes and effective explanations that are offered here – all contributed to my success in the industry. It has offered challenging courses, opportunities to communicate with staff within the program, and it has introduced me to new skills that I will use throughout my future career. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to pursue a rewarding career in the Information Technology field.”

Chanaka Samarakoon (Class of 2020)
IT Project Assistant
Open University of Sri Lanka

“I discovered a new world when I joined this degree program. I am always interested in technologies and this was a phenomenal place to learn technologies. It definitely made me successful on my career path. The internship program was a valuable chance to get hands-on experience and a better idea about what knowledge areas and skills I should give more importance and make further improvement in my career path.”

Shashi Erandi (Class of 2018)
Software Engineer
Insharp Technologies (Pvt) Ltd

“As an undergraduate of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, I never thought we had a chance in the industry. But after stepping to the corporate world, I realized that no matter what Faculty I’m in, it’s the knowledge, skills and attitudes that matter. The knowledge and skills I gained through this degree program, as well as the internship experience, have helped me a great deal in shaping my future. Choosing BSc(Hons) in Information Technology as my first degree is one of the best decisions I’ve made in life.”

Tharindi De Silva (Class of 2020)
Graduate of the Department of ICT
University of Sri Jayewardenepura