Diploma in Information Technology

Diploma in IT


The Diploma in Information Technology offered by the Department of Information and Communication Technology of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in the University of Sri Jayewardenepura is focusing to provide career focused professional qualification featuring industry referenced knowledge and skills to cater the prime essentials of highly skilled human capacity and provide a pathway for individuals’ needs for pursuing higher education.

The diploma graduates will be knowledgeable and competent in the discourse and practice IT disciplines in providing innovative IT solutions by proposing alternative forms of policy implications.

Diploma in IT

At a glance


Diploma in Information Technology


1 Year (2 Semesters)



Number of Credits

30 Credits. 15 Credits per semester.

SLQF Level

By completing this, you will obtain SLQF Level 3.

Mode of Teaching

On-site/ Online


Rs. 65,000

Diploma in IT

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

  • Understand basic concepts, processes, tools and techniques in the Information Technology domain to deliver effective solutions in workplace
  • Demonstrate theories, principles and techniques to solve communication issues in the IT domain.
  • Analyze the real-world requirements based on theories and professional computing techniques in workplace
  • Justify the choice of development methods, design processes, techniques and practices for innovative solution.
  • Develop and communicate an efficient solution for a real-world problem in accordance with tools and technologies of the IT domain.
Diploma in IT

For Whom

This diploma is for

  • Government and Semi- Government Sector employees such as;
    • Executives
    • Middle Management
    • Management Assistants
    • Field Officers
  • Private Sector and Non-Governmental Organization employees
  • Researchers and Research Assistants
  • External Degree Candidates
  • Undergraduates
Diploma in IT

Entry Qualifications

General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) or an equivalent qualification.


General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) with a minimum of 6 subjects in a single attempt with 4 credits and certified work experience with a minimum period of three years in any field.


Successful completion of SLQF Level 2 or NVQF 3/4 in any field.

Diploma in IT

Why this?

  • To get a sound understanding about IT concepts and tools and thereby equip analytical knowledge, techniques and skills for apply them appropriately by identifying the need of IT in new developments.
  • To develop analytical skills and knowledge needed for the external undergraduates.
Diploma in IT

What You will Learn

Semester 1


Code: DIT 1110

Course Name: Fundamentals of Information and Communication Technology


Code: DIT 1120

Course Name: Office Applications for Workplace


Code: DIT 1130

Course Name: Fundamentals of E-commerce


Code: DIT 1140

Course Name: Computer Hardware and Troubleshooting


Code: DIT 1150

Course Name: Computer Graphics and Multimedia

Semester 2


Code: DIT 1210

Course Name: Mathematics for Computing


Code: DIT 1220

Course Name: Fundamentals of Computer Networking


Code: DIT 1230

Course Name: Web Design and Development


Code: DIT 1240

Course Name: Managing Information with Database


Code: DIT 1250

Course Name: Programming in Python


Code: DIT 1260

Course Name: Project

Diploma in IT

Teaching Panel

Prof. Shirantha Heenkenda

Prof. B.W.R. Damayanthi

Mr. Saman Abeywickrama

Mr. Samitha Nanayakkara

Mrs. Pasangi Perera

Miss. Maheesha Dhashantha

Mr. Lahiru Siriwardana

Mr. Changa Korala

Diploma in IT

How to Apply

In the Application form, you will find all the relevant information about the application procedure. Please read them carefully and fill the form.

Additionally to what have been instructed in the application form, you must fill the below Google form as well.