Industrial Training

Industrial Training

During the final year of study, the Department offers an internship program of 6 months which provides students with hands-on industry experience as well as an opportunity to develop commercial skills and build up a professional network.

Students are encouraged to apply for an internship of choice through which they will be able to improve industry skills and master professional soft skills such as communication, punctuality, and teamwork.

An internship is an essential component for an IT graduate to gain real-world experience, to learn the roles and responsibilities of a particular career and to build up their confidence to take on challenges outside their comfort zones.

Having successfully completed the internship with a positive recommendation makes a student more attractive to employers.


  • Provide a student real world experience in “responsible living and meaningful work.”
  • Demonstrate a student’s ability to use technology in a workplace environment.
  • Demonstrate a student’s ability to work and communicate with a variety of other people in the workplace.
  • Demonstrate a student’s ability to act professionally.
  • To build the strength, teamwork and self-confidence.
  • Apply and reflect on the connections to academic theory and practice
  • Strengthen critical thinking, research skills, and problem solving skills
  • Develop awareness of self, others, and social responsibility in a work, career, and global context
  • Establish a network of professional contacts, mentors, and references