Workshop on CV writing and Communication Skills

The Workshop on CV Writing and Communication Skills, organized by the Department of Sinhala and Mass Communication under the Business Communication course unit in collaboration with J’pura Flames, was a resounding success under the supervision of Head of the department Professor Kusumalatha Lankamulla, Lecturer in charge Ms Sandunika Rathnayaka, Department of Sinhala and Mass Communication. Held on the 14th of February 2024 at the Sri Sumangala Auditorium.The guest speaker Ms Binuri Dissanayake who provided valuable insights and practical tips on crafting effective CVs and improving communication skills. Attendees praised the workshop for its relevance and applicability to their career development. The interactive nature of the sessions allowed participants to engage actively and apply the knowledge gained. Overall, the workshop received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with many expressing gratitude for the opportunity to learn and grow professionally.

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February 16, 2024

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