The Department of Sinhala and Mass Communication, in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in the University of Sri Jayewardenepura (then called Vidyodaya University) started a Post Graduate Diploma Course in Creative Writing in 1969. Thus, creative writing was for the first accepted as an academic discipline in a Sri Lankan University. That some of the participant has achieved recognition as leading writers today speaks for the success of the programme.

Taking into consideration the contemporary needs of the country new Programmes in Writership and Communication has been started in 1987 as follows:

Diploma in Wrtirership and Communication

Post-Graduate Diploma in Writership and Communication

It is accepted that writing and communication go hand in hand. The course was confined, mainly to creative writing while the present programme covers all aspects of communication, Journalism, Radio Broadcasting, Television Broadcasting, Translation, Advertising and Publishing etc., in addition to different aspects of writing.

Each subject area includes lectures, discussions, assignments, workshops etc. in addition to a reading workload.

Irrespective of the subject combination in each course, it is expected that the participant acquire a good command of the language and its correct usage and an orientation towards the critical appreciation of Art. This knowledge is indispensable in writing as well as in communication. The expected standard varies in the Diploma and Post Graduate but the approach will be much the same.

It is hoped that these course will benefit those who engaged in writing as well as media personal profession. It must be stressed, however, that they are not of a strictly professional nature, but are designed to cover a broader spectrum of academic interests.

Diploma in Writership and Communication

This course is meant for those engaged in communication media and for those with some writing experience but not had a University discipline and obtain a recognized qualification. The standard achieved would be equivalent to the First Year Examination at the University.


Either,  A pass in the G. C. E. (O/L or an equivalent examination with a credit in Sinhala and engagement as writer or journalist or associated with Radio/Television Broadcasting for a period of not less than six years. Or,  A pass in the G. C. E. (A/L) or an equivalent examination with Sinhala as a subject and engagement as writer or journalist or associated with Radio/Television Broadcasting for a period on not less than three years. (An Interview will be held for selections)

Course Duration: One Academic Year

Course Content and Scheme of Examination

 The Examination will consist of two parts as follows: Students should offer six course units

Part One

Written Examination: A three hour question paper or a seminar paper in respect of each course unit.

Course Units

LSD 001 Language and Art Criticism
LSD 002 From of Fiction and Poetry
LSD 003 Form of Drama and Lyrics
LSD 004 Radio and Television Broadcasting
LSD 005 Promotion and Public Relation
LSD 006 Printed Communication (Journalism)

Part Two

LSD 007 A creative work or an independent dissertation or a translation.

(A novel, a collection of Short stories, a long poem or an anthology of poetry or a collection of lyrics, a stage/radio/T V drama or a script or a translation or a dissertation or a research nature).