B.A Honours Degree in Geography – Sinhala and English Medium

Geography is offered as a main field of study in the BA Degree and undergraduates can choose it as a field of specialization as well. In the first year, undergraduates have a choice of courses ranging from Human Geography to Physical Geography. The second year spans the full range of discipline and examines some of the major issues affecting the world today, while in the third year undergraduates are exposed to more specific, advanced and specialized courses with special emphasis on regional, environmental, sustainable development and modern geographic techniques. Students are provided with a variety of opportunities at the honors level.

Thus, by the end of this degree programme students will be able to:

  • Interpret the spatial pattern of physical and human environment via exposure to field oriented education.
  • Apply research excellence as a springboard for teaching quality.
  • Integrate interdisciplinary approach for solving contemporary issues.
  • Interact logical and critical thinking with the use of new spatial technologies.
  • Possess a geographical perspective based on analytical, synthesizing and interpretative skills.
  • Adapt into the world of work through empathy and insight, intellectual integrity, awareness of responsibility as a local, national and international citizen.



Course Unit



Pre Requisites

GEOG 1101.3 Human Geography CCU None
GEOG 1201.3 Physical Geography CCU GEOG 1101.3
GEOG 2101.3 Cartography CCU None
GEOG 2102.3 Fundamental of Geography Information System CCU GEOG 2101.3
GEOG 2103.3 Climatology CCU GEOG 1201.3
GEOG 2104.3 Population and Environment CCU None
GEOG 2201.3 Basic Geology CCU None
GEOG 2202.3 Social Geography CCU None
GEOG 2203.3 Aerial Photo Interpretation CCU GEOG 2102.3
GEOG 2204.3 Fundamental of Remote Sensing CCU GEOG 2102.3
GEOG 3101.3 Geomorphology CCU None
GEOG 3102.3 Settlement Geography CCU None
GEOG 3103.3 Agricultural Geography CCU None
GEOG 3104.3 Political Geography CCU None
GEOG 3105.3 Soil Science CCU None
GEOG 3106.3 Research Methodology CCU None
GEOG 3201.3 Regional Geography CCU None
GEOG 3202.3 Economic Geography CCU None
GEOG 3203.3 Bio Geography CCU None
GEOG 3204.3 Statistics for Spatial Studies CCU None
GEOG 3205.3 Tourism Geography CCU None
GEOG 0099.3 Independent Research – Phase I HCU None
GEOG 4101.2 Theoretical and Applied Geography HCU None
GEOG 4102.2 Contemporary Geographical Issues HCU None
GEOG 4108.2 Application of GIS and Remote Sensing HCU None
*GEOG 4109.3 Urban Geography OCU None
*GEOG 4110.3 Rural Geography OCU None
*GEOG 4111.3 Green Industrial Planning OCU None
*GEOG 4112.3 Land Use Analysis and Planning OCU None
*GEOG 4113.3 Hydrology OCU None
*GEOG 4114.3 Natural Resource Management OCU None
*GEOG 4115.3 Integrated Waste Management OCU None
·   GEOG 4222.2 Professional Competency Development HCU None
·   GEOG 4223.2 Carrier Guidance  HCU None
GEOG 0099.3 Independent Research – Phase II HCU GEOG 0099.3

(Phase I)

GEOG 0098.1 Institutional Awareness and Entrepreneurial Development HCU None
GEOG 0098.3 Institutional/Alternative Training HCU None

*The Department reserves the right to offer GEOG 4222.2 and GEOG 4223.2 instead of GEOG 0098.1 and 0098.3 if so decided.

*These course units are offered on the availability of human resources. 

Degree Programs Offered and Their Requirements

Course Unit Requirements to consider Geography as a main field of Study for the BA Degree

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2
GEOG 1101.3 GEOG 1201.3 GEOG 2101.3 GEOG 2201.3 GEOG 3101.3 GEOG 3202.3
    GEOG 2103.3 GEOG 2202.3 GEOG 3103.3 GEOG 3203.3

Undergraduates are advised to select two course units in each semester of the second and third academic years.

Course Unit Requirements to consider Geography as a Main Field of Study for the BA (Hons) Degree

First Year

Second Year Third Year

Fourth Year

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2
GEOG 1101.3 GEOG 1201.3 GEOG 2101.3 GEOG 2201.3  GEOG 3101.3  GEOG 3201.3  GEOG 4101.2  





GEOG 0098.1

GEOG 0098.3


GEOG 4222.2

  GEOG 4223.2

    GEOG 2102.3 GEOG 2202.3 GEOG 3102.3 GEOG 3202.3 GEOG 4102.2
GEOG 2103.3 GEOG  2203.3 GEOG 3103.3 GEOG 3203.3 GEOG 4108.2
GEOG 2104.3 GEOG 2204.3 GEOG 3104.3 GEOG 3204.3 One of the following


GEOG 4109.3

GEOG 4110.3

GEOG 4111.3

GEOG 4112.3

GEOG 4113.3

GEOG 4114.3

GEOG 4115.3


    GEOG 3105.3 GEOG 3205.3
    GEOG 3106.3 GEOG 0099.3









GEOG 0099.3


*Elective Course Units for the Honours Degree in Geography recommended from other fields of study.

*To fulfill the requirement of BA Honours Degree in Geography, undergraduates are advised to select their electives from other fields of study recommended by the department.