B.Sc. Honours Degree in Geo-Spatial Technology – English Medium

The Department of Geography having fourteen years teaching experience of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing on the bachelor’s degree program and carrying eight years substantive diploma program as well as Master of Science Degree in Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing, realized the timely need of producing potential graduates for an honours degree in Geo-Spatial Technology.

GIS is a computer-based tool for mapping and analyzing existing things and the events on the earth surface. GIS databases can be used to automate the production of information about places and the analysis of geographical relationships. Remote Sensing is the science and art of acquiring information (spectral, spatial, and temporal) about material objects, area, or phenomenon, without any direct physical contact with the objects, or area, or phenomenon under investigation. However, in order to transform such data into useful information and thereby to create knowledge and finally to apply, they must not only be efficiently managed, but also processed and analyzed before being displayed in a proper format. Geo-spatial technologies greatly help us achieving this task. Accordingly, the GIS is a relatively new academic subject and it is being used by more than 100 different academic disciplines as a research tool.

Thus, the Department offers this degree program to;

  • Enable better awareness and application of Geo-spatial technologies for effective decision-making practices,
  • Enable other network co-operation initiatives, furthering research and development skills, and transfer opportunities between the stakeholders and the beneficiaries of the program,
  • Create academic, research and application environments with State of the Art technology and skills in the field of Geo-spatial technologies, and
  • Offer a self-sustainable best practice of Geo-spatial technologies benefiting the direct participants of the program with a view to transfer necessary experience in planning, management and rational-use of spatial information for better understanding and visualization of different phenomena 


Course Unit Status Pre-Requisites
GEOG 1101.3 Human Geography CCU None
GEOG 1201.3 Physical Geography CCU None
GEST 2101.3 Introduction to GIS CCU None
GEST 2102.3 Computer Programming CCU None
GEST 2103.3 Fundamentals of GPS CCU None
GEST 2104.3 Geodesy CCU None
GEST 2201.3 Introduction to Database Management System CCU GEST 2102
GEST 2202.3 Mathematics for Computing CCU GEST 2104
GEST 2203.3 Introduction to Remote Sensing CCU GEST 2101
GEST 2204.3 Research Methodology CCU None
GEST 3101.3 Application of GIS CCU GEST 2101
GEST 3102.3 Application of GPS CCU GEST 2103
GEST 3103.3 Advance Database Management System CCU GEST 2101
GEST 3104.3 Map Design and Interpretation CCU GEST 2101

GEST 2104

GEST 3105.3 Geo Statistics  CCU GEST 2202
GEST 3106.3 Web GIS CCU GEST 2102
GEST 3201.3 Application of Remote Sensing CCU GEST 2203
GEST 3202.3 Open Geo Spatial Web Based Application


CCU None
GEST 3203.3 Network Analysis CCU GEST 3101
GEST 3204.3 GIS Modeling CCU GEST 3101
GEST 0099.3 Independent Research – Phase I HCU None
GEST 4101.3 Digital Image Processing and Technologies HCU GEST 3201
GEST 4102.3 GIS For Planning HCU GEST 3101
GEST 4103.3 Spatial Technologies for Natural Resource Management HCU GEST 3101, 3102, 3201


GEST 4104.3 Geospatial Technologies for Disaster Management HCU GEST 3101, 3102, 3201


·   GEST  4222.2 Professional Competency Development HCU None
·   GEST  4223.2 Carrier Guidance  HCU None
GEST 0099.3 Independent Research –  Phase II HCU GEST 0099

(Phase I)

GEST 0098.1 Industrial awareness and Entrepreneurial Development HCU None
GEST 0098.3 Industrial/Alternative Training HCU


  • The Department reserves the right to offer GEST 4222.2 and GEST 4223.2 instead of GEST 0098.1 and GEST 0098.3 if so decided.

 Course Unit Requirements for Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Geo-Spatial Technology 

First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2
GEOG 1101.3 GEOG 1201.3 GEST 2101.3 GEST  2201.3  GEST  3101.3  GEST  3201.3  GEST  4101.3  


GEST 0098.1

GEST 0098.3


GEST 4222.2

   GEST 4223.2

GEST  2102.3 GEST  2202.3 GEST  3102.3 GEST  3202.3 GEST  4102.3
GEST  2103.3 GEST   2203.3 GEST  3103.3 GEST  3203.3 GEST  4103.3


GEST  2104.3 GEST  2204.3 GEST  3104.3 GEST  3204.3 GEST  4104.3


GEST  3105.3 GEST 0099.3 GEST  0099.3


GEST  3106.3 *Elective
*Elective *Elective  

*Elective Course Units for the Honours Degree in Geo Spatial Technology recommended from other fields of study

*To fulfill the requirement of B.Sc. Honours in Geo Spatial Technology, undergraduates are advised to select their electives from other fields of study recommended by the department.