Introduction to the Department

Welcome to one of the most outstanding departments of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences!

  • History

Founded in 1997 – under the patronage of the late Prof. A. J. Gunawardena and spearheaded by Ms. Parvathi Nagasundaram who is greatly responsible for transforming the Department into what it is today – the Department of English and Linguistics is one of the most progressive departments of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka. The Department has been home to many teachers, writers and scholars of English Language and Literature, and TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) within the country and beyond. Its students reach almost 100% of employability upon graduation.

  • Department

A distinctive feature of the Department of English and Linguistics is its balance between a solid grounding in the essentials of the discipline, and the opportunity to specialize and to innovate. The Department of English and Linguistics is unique for its amalgamation of the fields of English literature and English language in its degree courses, and as a pioneer in offering English as a degree programme to candidates who have formerly had no opportunity and exposure to study English literature as a subject in their Advanced Level curriculum in schools. The Department also claims the credit for introducing TESL for BA Degrees in Sri Lanka.

In addition, the Department creates an intellectually-stimulating and cordially-interactive environment with its distinctive small-group lectures which ensure a supportive educational experience for its undergraduates. It offers a very special experience to all its students – one that could undoubtedly become an important part of their lives – with its high quality teaching backed up by research exposure, individual support for learning and lively social life. Its undergraduates are invited to further their experience by participating in many co-curricular activities linked to the English Literary Association and the student-led creative collective – SPARK.

While providing its students with a fruitful environment in which they discover, preserve and disseminate knowledge, and enhance their skills related to English Studies, the Department’s mission is to promote a culture of broad inquiry throughout and beyond its community.

Moreover, the Department contributes significantly towards strengthening the English Education in the country. Besides being a pioneer in incorporating English Language Teaching Courses in to the internal degree programs, the Department by conducting the BA (External) Degree in English with a focus on 3 subjects in English provides unique opportunities for the student community at large in the country.

Furthermore, the Faculty members of the Department work closely with the Department of Examinations of Sri Lanka, the National Institute of Education of Sri Lanka, the Education Publications Department of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Police contributing to the development of English education in the nation.

To be a part of the Department of English and Linguistics at SJP is a highly rewarding experience indeed!