Degree Programmes

The Sri Lankan criminal Justice system is consist of various apparatus and its smooth functioning and coordination with one another will definitely be a positive step toward the establishment of a law-abiding Sri Lankan society.

In order to achieve this goal, educating the officers of the criminal justice system is an essential requirement. We as the academic members of this Department solely believe that meeting their educational requirements are a priority in our agenda. Considering their professional needs, and developing various educational programmes to suit their preferences is our intention. This will definitely be a positive step taken to uplift the quality of the Sri Lankan Justice System.

The prime intention of Criminology is to control and prevent crimes. Too often we hear various heinous criminal incidents committed against children as well as women in our society. It is an essential necessity to address this situation with practical measures in order to make our society safe and sound for these innocent victims. Women and child-friendly policy making and their proper implementation is extremely essential and we as the academic members are ready to be active partners of this much needed project.

As revealed by the statistics related to population, there is a growing tendency of elderly population even in our country too. This trend may set a new crime wave against the aging people and it is not too early to address this to avert a grave situation in time to come. Taking into the elderly needs and ensure their safety in the society can be done from a criminological perspective so that they can have a peace of mind and enjoy the eve of their lives.

According to current state policies, Information Technology is certain to dominate the Sri Lankan future. Within such a context, crimes, deviant acts and abusing can be increased more than traditional criminal acts. Therefore, the Sri Lankan criminal justice system should be prepared to take up this challenge. This national encounter has to be addressed by the university level and the only suitable Department for this gigantic task is the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Facilitating the required training and introducing and implementing the relevant policies in order to take the necessary steps in curbing the wave of cyber-crime.

With the development of Criminology, many related subfields have been developed. Environmental Criminology may play a vital role under present conditions. Although there are enough laws and regulation to safe guard the environment, yet many crimes are being committed against the mother-nature. Reported natural disasters confirm that environmental harm and degradation are man-made and strict measures have to be taken in implementing the existing laws and regulations. Based on facts revealed through scientific sources, appropriate measures have to be taken immediately in order to minimize the future natural disasters and maximize individual safety. We the academic members are keen to be part of these projects as a fulfillment of our academic obligation.

Department offers two undergraduate degree programmes:

  1. Bachelor of Arts General (Criminology – 3 years)
  2. Bachelor of Arts Special (Criminology and Criminal Justice – 4 years)