Dance and Cultural Studies

In the four years Special Degree offered for Dance, it is possible to gain a practical and theoretical knowledge of the subject. The background knowledge which will help to pursue dance as a subject will be given by the Cultural Studies component.

The three traditional dance styles of ‘Udarata’, ‘Pahatarata’ and ‘Sabaragamu’ will be taught in the first year, while from the second year, the Indian styles of Bharata Natyama and Kathak will be taught. In the fourth year of the Special Degree program, the students will get a chance to specialize in one local dance tradition and one Indian dance tradition. Students will also be able to get knowledge of folk dancing, Western ballet, and creative dancing as well as electronic and technical aspects associated with these forms. Every practical course will be combined with drumming and singing.

Drama is taught as part of the dancing course. In future, postgraduate diplomas and postgraduate degrees will be offered by in this subject by this Department.