Guidelines for abstract submission

1. General instructions. The abstract should have a uniform style as follows:


​Name(s) of the author(s)
​​Email address of the corresponding author

​Text (should consist of brief Introduction, Objective, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusion/without headings).

Word Count: Abstract should be one paragraph with a maximum of 350 words

Keywords: Up to 5 words

Margins: Left: 3 cm; Right: 2 cm; Top and Bottom: 2 cm.

​Line Spacing:
Between Title and Names – 1.5
Between Names and affiliations and email – single
Between Email and the main body of text – double
Within Text – 1.5

Font: English – Times New Roman, Sinhala – FM Abhaya, Tamil – Bamini

2. Title:
Bold, center aligned font size 14 and the first letter of each word in uppercase letters. No spaces above the title and 1.5 lines spaced below the title.

3. Name/s of Author/s & Affiliation/s:
Bold, center aligned, font size 12, name/s with initials, a single-spaced between names and affiliations

4. E-mail address of the corresponding author:
Bold, center aligned, in italics, font size 10, a single-spaced between affiliations and e-mail address

5. Text:
Font Size: 12
Text justified with 1.5 line spacing.

6. Keywords:
3 – 5 keywords in Italics. 12 size font, left aligned. 1.5 space between the body of text and keywords.

7. Electronic Format:
ICICH accepts only digital manuscripts. Abstracts must be submitted only in word.doc/ word.docx format.

Submission for the abstract:
Send your abstract to the following email address:

Download Abstract Format Example Doc>>

Download Abstract Format Example Pdf>>

Poster Presentation Guidelines - ICICH 2020

We welcome your abstracts for the poster presentation consistent with the following guidelines.

Each poster should be numbered in the upper right corner.

The poster must be 3ft. in length and 2 ft in breadth and can be in either landscape or portrait orientation.

Avoid too many numbers and words.

Materials should be displayed in a logical sequence; i.e. the introduction, objectives, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion.

Ease of reading and simplicity are the most important aspects in posters although authors may be allowed to use techniques, colors, and graphics for the effectiveness of a poster.

Titles should accompany all figures, tables, photographs in order to allow their immediate identification.

Download Poster Presentation Example>>

Poster Presentation Format>>