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The Department of Economics holds a prestigious position as an esteemed academic department with a rich historical background. Operating within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Department is deeply committed to the dissemination of knowledge. Notably, the scholarly works produced by the Department members and other publications hold a distinct place within the academic literature.

‘Vidyodaya Arthikavidya’ presents an outstanding collection of articles that span across the realms of economics and related fields of study. This remarkable compilation shines a spotlight on contemporary economic scenarios, delving into multifaceted aspects of the subject matter. An exacting review process is in place to ensure the quality and accuracy of the published articles.

The publication endeavors to offer fresh perspectives and novel insights covering the main topics in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Development Economics, and other domains of economics. Moreover, it seeks to provide comprehensive knowledge within the field of economics. ‘Vidyodaya Arthikavidya’ serves as the digital manifestation of these efforts.

The inaugural edition of ‘Vidyodaya Arthikavidya’ prominently emphasizes topics in Macroeconomics, while the subsequent edition aims to delve into the domain of Microeconomics, presenting valuable knowledge in this specific field.

‘Vidyodaya Arthikavidya’ is an esteemed electronic journal published on an annual basis, dedicated to scholarly exploration within the field of economics. The editorial process of this journal adheres to a systematic and rigorous approach, ensuring the quality and integrity of the published content and it’s as follows:

Vidyodaya Arthikavidya – Department of Economics


Consolidation of subject knowledge in an accurate and organized manner

Bridging the gap in electronic sources published in Sinhala on the subject

Creating excitement about the subject among beginners

Advocating for social responsibility as a department

Editorial Process

Level 1

Calling and Submissions of Articles
Open: January
Closed: June

Level 2

Desk Reviewing of the Articles

Level 3

Content, Language, and Format Editing

Level 4

Proof Reading and Final Editing

Level 5


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