About Us

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Sri Jayewardenapura is the largest faculty in the University. The faculty has every year enrolled around 3500 undergraduates who come from different districts in Sri Lanka. It has been observed that due to their diverse cultural and financial backgrounds, they invariably face many barriers when they meet in one place.

Furthermore, although they enter the university with excellent academic qualifications, some of these students are lack in balanced personalities. Hence, they become stressed, mentally imbalanced and develop negative thinking as a result of social and economic problems. Moreover, these undergraduates turn out to be so vulnerable that they become helpless and unable to face challengers or find solutions to their predicaments. Consequently, they may lose self confidence, motivation and the desire to find happiness.       

Therefore, the need for the academic staff members of the FHSS to provide assistance to these students in order to help them to surmount their problems has become very apparent. The Center for Student Welfare and Counselling at the FHSS was established to fulfill this need by providing assistance from professional counselors to all those students who seek assistance.


The main objectives of the center is to ensure that all students have a stress free clear mind to facilitate their education and thereby to be able to confront any mental, social, cultural, economic etc. challengers.

Other Objectives

  • to achieve positive mental health
  • to develop the ability of problem resolving
  • to provide Counselling to create their life
  • to improve personal effectiveness
  • To modify behavior to accomplish goals.