Rajagala Archaeological reserve is located in the Ampara district of Eastern Sri Lanka. It is located in a mountain identified as Rajagala which could be approached through AmparaMahaoya highway near the Rajagalatenna village. The monastic remains in the Rajagala could be identified on the mountain which is about 346 meters above the mean sea level which is scattered in 900 acres of forest land. The approach to the flat plain of the mountain is through beautifully build two stone stairways through the dense forest blending with the slope of the mountain. The common buildings such as Stupas, Refectory, Uposathagra (Building devoted to religious observances), Hot Water Bath House, A house build to collect spring water for cooking purposes with two large stone bowls, a small tank and several other unidentified buildings are scattered in this area. The private areas which were belong to the mediation monks are divided to three distinctive areas. The area from the two stupas leading to the stairway to the caves has built monuments while the area above the flat plain consists of cave dwellings of monks. The third area is from the grand stairway of tank towards the Northern Stairway which also has built monuments.