The authenticity of the Rajagala Monastic Complex is retained through the form and design of the original monastic plan of the meditation monastery which blends with the cultural landscape still truly reflect the value of the monastery. The architectural form and design as well as the construction materials and techniques of the monastic buildings are well conserved although they are in ruined state.The material and substance that have been used for the construction of monastic building is still intact. The location and setting of the meditation monastery in relation to the cultural landscape are also well conserved.

Although the original use and function has ceased at present, the property still retains its original monastic environment. The original location and setting which is the location of the monastery in the crocodile mountain with the natural setting which blends with the forest environment still well preserved. When mingling in the monastic remains specially in the cave dwellings in the natural environment the spirit and feeling of and ancient meditation monastery could be experienced.