Poster Presentation Guidelines - FLRC 2018

We welcome your abstracts for the poster presentation consistent with the following guidelines.

Each poster should be numbered in upper right corner.

Each poster/photograph must include text to be read/seen easily by the attendees from a distance of 5 feet or more.

The poster must be in A0 dimensions (841mm x 1189mm), and can be in either landscape or portrait orientation.

The font size of posters: text, not exceeding 30 point; the main title and the subtitles should be 55-85 point.

Photographs should be a minimum of 5”X7”.

Avoid too many numbers and words (Word limit 1500)

Materials should be displayed in a logical sequence and each sheet should be numbered; i.e. the introduction, the methodology, the development and the conclusion.

Ease of reading and simplicity are the most important aspects in posters although authors may be allowed to use techniques, colors and graphics for the effectiveness of a poster.

Titles should accompany all figures, tables, photographs in order to allow their immediate identification.

Authors are not allowed to display any commercial activities. Non-compliance with this rule will result in the poster being removed.

Authors may bring a handout summarizing their findings. Duplication facilities will not be available through the conference.

All materials necessary – illustrations, charts – to be posted should be prepared in advance as the facility is not available at the meeting site.

Authors are responsible for mounting their posters in the morning on the 15th December 2017.  The committee members of the conference will assist you.

Download Poster Presentation Example>>

Abstract Guidelines

Maximum word limit for an abstract is 300 with 3-5 key words and it can be submitted in either Sinhala or English medium.

The abstract should comprise of introduction, research problem, objective/s, methodology, findings and recommendations.

Sinhala abstracts should be in FM Abhaya with font size 12, Line space 1.5 and English abstracts should be in Times New Roman with Font size 12.

Margins of A4 size paper should be Left margin of A4 size paper (portrait) are as follows:

Left and right margins: 2”

Top and bottom margins: 2”

Submission for the abstrct:

Send your abstract to the following email address: