The most Ven. Welivitiye Soratha Thera, founder of the Vidyodaya University who functioned as the Head of the department of Archaeology of the university, established the archaeological museum in the university on 28th October 1962 to exhibit the archaeological artifacts collected from various donors and various part of Sri Lanka. The museum that lasted unimpeded up to 1973 became inactive for various reasons and was reopened on 15th November 1985 in the present place of the Sri Sumangala Building. From then onwards the collection of ancient artifacts and some models of aesthetic value of important archaeological objects which are exhibited in the National & international institutions of the museum,  providing  an extraordinary service to the undergraduate community for their studies and   research, remains one of the most treasured assets of the Sri Jayewardenepura University.


To be the most outstanding University archaeological museum in Sri Lanka.


To provide the opportunity for studying in practical terms, the values of the Sri Lankan heritage with the archaeological resources available in the Department of History and Archaeology of the university and to provide opportunity to disseminate knowledge locally and internationally.


Information for research, education programs, supervising for research, preservation and conservation objects.


The museum is renovated and it is classified into eight galleries.
  • Entrance gallery

  • The Biography of Ven. Welivitiye Sri Soratha gallery

  • The ancient pottery and terracotta gallery

  • The Pre & proto-historic gallery

  • The Ancient sculptures and carvings gallery

  • The Architecture gallery

  • Ancient Painting Gallery