Woman In Gender

Author: D. Dilini Nimeshika


The socially constructed ideologies and norms known as gender dictate how men and women behave and act. When talking about gender roles, it’s debatable whether men and women are on an equal footing. It is clear that the concept of gender assigns different roles to men and women. Society has stereotyped males as being physically and psychologically powerful, bold, with leadership qualities and wise intelligence, and women as ignorant, beautiful, dependent on men, and easily misled when they cannot provide for their own security. This categorization is based on the gender gap. It is clear from this categorization that men and women play different roles. As a result, the woman is in charge of taking care of the home and children while the man is granted financial authority. This article’s major goal was to examine how women behave in relation to the concepts of gender in education, politics, economics, and sociocultural. To do this, secondary materials like books, journals, and research reports were consulted. No matter how evolved society is, there has not yet been a change in the roles assigned to men and women, according to the references to those sources. It was still conceivable to discern how the concept of gender harmed women. According to this article, sex-based discrimination against men and women should end right away, and both sexes should have equal rights.

Keywords: Gender, Gender discrimination, Victimhood, Women

How to Cite: Nimeshika, D. D., 2023. Woman in Gender. ‘Pumithiri e-journal of Gender Studies, 2(1), pp.51-59.

Published on 08 Mar 2023