Authors: R. M. Hansika Sathsarani



Domestic violence is any act committed by a member of the family against another member in a manner that directly or indirectly adversely affects or can be inferred to adversely affect the family. Accordingly, it is a huge social problem that women are subjected to violence in the family based on sexuality and gender. Domestic violence disrupts the family corporation. However, family disorganization cannot be seen in the selected study area, and there is no significant improvement related to the family corporation. This research is done to study whether there is domestic violence related to rural family corporations and, if domestic violence exists, the effects of domestic violence on rural women and their nature. If domestic violence exists in rural areas, the impact it has on rural women, it’s nature, the factors affecting domestic violence, the strategies used by rural women to get rid of domestic violence, as well as the preparation of recommendations to prevent domestic violence are carried out through this research. Accordingly, out of the 31 Grama Niladhari Divisions (GND) of Welimada police jurisdiction, which is a rural area, the 03 GN Divisions of Puhulpola, Katakella, and Malpotha representing the Sinhalese, Tamil, and Muslim races have been selected as the study area of this research. In the research methodology, 68 women out of 100 women have selected as the sampling methods using simple random sampling & snowball sampling. Questionnaires, interviews, focus group discussions, observations, etc.,have been used as primary sources for data collection, and books, newspapers, previous research articles, police reports, GND reports, and the internet have been used as secondary sources. Through these methods, the data has been analyzed under quantitative and qualitative analysis. The analysis, through research findings, it was revealed that there is domestic violence in Welimada,According to police jurisdiction, which is a rural area. According to the research results, all 68 respondents of the entire sample have been victimized due to long-term and short-term physical and psychological effects caused by domestic violence. The number of respondents who have suffered short-term & long – term social impact due to domestic violence is 87.1%, and the number of respondents who have no short-term & long – term social impact is 12.9%. The practical importance of the research was able to achieve unique objectives and identify the impacts of domestic violence faced by rural women through recommendations to prevent domestic violence to block the impacts. It can be used as an essential plan to create a family corporation free of domestic violence.


Keywords: Domestic violence, Rural women, Victimization


How to Cite: Sathsarani, R. M. H., 2023. Women Victims of Domestic Violence. ‘Pumithiri’ e-Journal of Gender Studies, 2(2), pp.61-70.


Published on 19 Nov 2023