Author: P. D. Wijesekara and T. M. S. P. Thennakoon


Approximately half of the global population comprise of female population, where females hold a unique and indispensable role in society. They represent a diverse and dynamic group whose contributions span across every facet of life, from the family and community to the workforce, governance, science, arts, and beyond. Women and girl child around the world, are subjected to discrimination in terms of their fundamental rights due to the divisions prevailing in the society such as age, caste, nationality, indigenous status, sex, place of residence, religion, family status, immigration, income and marital status. Further, women and girls around the world continue to face challenges specially gender-based discrimination, violence, unequal access to education and healthcare and underrepresentation in leadership roles. Addressing these challenges and promoting gender equality is not just a matter of social justice but also a fundamental requirement for achieving sustainable development and ensuring a more equitable and prosperous world for all human beings. This article will explore range of topics, including education, health, economic empowerment, political participation on women empowerment and further will explore the previous and ongoing global efforts to advance gender equality.


Keywords: Gender Equity, Global attempts, Women


How to Cite: Wijesekara, P. D. & Thennakoon, T. M. S. P., 2023. Global Attempts for Women’s Empowerment. ‘Pumithiri’ e-Journal of Gender Studies, 2(2), pp.51-60.


Published on 19 Nov 2023