Enhancing the Research Potential and Output of the FHSS with the Junior Faculty Research Stimulus Programme

A workshop organized by the International Center for Multidisciplinary Studies (ICMS) of FHSS for the junior staff of the faculty was held at Citrus Waskaduwa on March 23rd, 2022. This is part of the Junior Faculty Research Stimulus Programme, an initiative taken by ICMS to provide an effective platform to develop and nurture the research potential of the junior lecturers of the faculty.

The workshop included two sessions on “How to become a successful researcher” conducted by Prof. M.M. Pathmalal, Dean, FGSS and Co-Chair of the University Research Council, and on “How to become visible in the research world?” by Prof. Prasad Jayaweera, Head and the Chair of the Department of Computer Science. In addition, the Junior Faculty presented five projects that they have embarked on in 2022. The event was also attended by Prof. Shirantha Heenkenda, Dean, FHSS and Dr. Sujeewa Hettiarachchi, Director ICMS.