ORCAM Donation to Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences

Intending to uplift the welfare of the visually impaired undergraduates, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences received a donation from Orel IT (Pvt) Ltd. on the 12th October 2021.  OREL IT donated 2 OrCam Read Devices keeping with their corporate mission to give more to life with industry 4.0 and understanding the faculty’s objective to enhance facilities given to the differently abled students.  This state-of-the-art wearable assistive device that was introduced to the market by Orel IT years ago is for empowering the visually impaired through its array of features such as face recognition, smart reading etc.

Dr. Upendra Peiris the Chief Executive Officer for OREL IT, Mr. Kalinda Wickramage the Chief Marketing Officer for OREL IT including two other officials made their presence at this event on behalf of Orel IT (Pvt) Ltd.

Under the guidance of Professor Shirantha Heenkenda the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences the event was coordinated by Mr. Kasun Nayanajith, Special Needs Instructor of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Dr. Shantha Gamlath Senior Lecturer of the Department of Political Science and the Coordinator of the Student Welfare Porgram of the Faculty also participated in the event.

Team OREL IT also conveyed their special thanks to all the staff members of the Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences, University of Sri Jayawardhanapura, including the undergraduates who rendered their fullest support in making this endeavour a success.