One day workshop on Constitutionalism and Human Rights

One day workshop on constitutionalism and human rights was held on 18th June 2017 at Sumangala Reading Hall from 9.00 am to 4.30 p.m by the coordination of the Department of Political Science. Prof. Athukorala conducted his lecture on Conceptual and Practical Meaning of Constitutionalism and its Implications and Prof. Upul Aberathna on the Main Requirements and Concerns on Human Rights in a process of making new constitution. In this presentation he took the attention of the audience for new field of the human rights which will be raised as an issue in future generation. Dr Shantha Gamlath expressed the necessary requirements and the factors which have to be concerned in regard of making a new constitution in a multicultural society. Professor Nawarathna Bandara who is Executive Director of the Intuition for Constitutional Studies (ICS) elaborated overall workshop activities.  Student could gain clarifications on their practical curiosities in on going constitutional reform process. Also, it was a great occasion for them to gain in-depth theoretical and conceptual knowledge on constitutionalism and human rights. End of the workshop students were received certificates.