“Kathak Ghungroo Ceremony” by Department of Languages, Cultural Studies and Performing Arts

The Department of Languages, Cultural Studies and Performing Arts organized Ghungroo Ceremony for its Kathak students on 14th December 2017 at Sumangala Reading Hall. Kathak Students received their Ghungroo on the evening after performing their specialty in respective traditional dancing form. Academic members of the Department of Languages, Cultural Studies and Performing Arts; Dr. Wijayasri Witharana, Senior Lecturer, Dr. W. V. P. Himalika Ranaweera, Senior Lecturer, Mrs. Palika Samanthi, Senior Lecturer and Mr. Deepal Gunasekara, Visiting Lecturer in the Department  participated in the ceremony.

Ghungroo is the little brass bells that are woven by kathak dancer around ankles. The conferring of Ghungroo takes place through a traditional ceremony. Receiving of Ghungroo is an honor and a privilege – it urges students to strive for excellence and commitment to their own personal development through practice. (www.http//kathaka.wordpress.com/). On the stage an altar is made and statuettes of the dance guru Lord of Dance Nataraja, Lord Ganesha and Goddesses Paththini are placed and worshiped before starts the ceremony.

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