FHSS Participated in the Spring Festival Celebration 2024

The faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was invited to participate on the 28th of January 2024 in the Spring Festival Celebration in Lumbini Confucious Classroom. The Spring Festival also known as Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year is celebrated by Chinese people. The Lecturer in-charge Ms. Puwanendram Gayathri, undergraduate students of Japura Tourism Club and students who are following the Chinese Language in the Department of Languages, Cultural Studies and Performing Arts participated under the guidance of Professor Shirantha Heekenda, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura. There were organised chinese cultural competitions and events at the festival and out of 150 competitors Ms Isuri Amarasingha won the top five gifts. The Director Professor Wang Fei and the organizing committee have well arranged the event with Chinese Cultural Food, activities and students interacting games.