Apply for World Bank Grants: ELTA – ELSE Grants for Faculties and Departments

Apply before the deadlines: 15th May 2018

(i) ELTA – ELSE Grants for Faculties – Rs. 100 Million

(ii) ELTA – ELSE Grants for Departments/Units – Rs. 15 million

Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences, Management Studies and Commerce and the Departments/Units under those Faculties, can apply for ELTA – ELSE Grants.

Express of interest (EOI) deadline  is 15.05.2018,  in order to qualify for applying  for these grants.  There is no set format for the EOI. But, please ensure that the following details are included in it:

(a)  Name of University and Faculty/Department (or Unit)

(b)  Names of everyone in the team of proposal writers

(c)  Primary contact person’s name and contact details

A letter has to be sent through the Vice Chancellor, before the deadline.

(iii) Development Oriented Research Grant (DOR) :

Deadline for Proposal Submission for Development Oriented Research Grant (DOR) is 31.07.2018.

(iv) Research and Innovation Commercialization Grant (RIC) :

Deadline for Proposal Submission for Research and Innovation Commercialization Grant (RIC) is 30.06.2018.

Download: ELTA ELSE Department Unit DP Guidelines>>

Download ELTA ELSE Faculty DP Guidelines>>

For further clarifications, pl. contact Dr. W. G. S. Kelum, Director/OTS, AHEAD Operation, through  077-3205873.