Activity Based Training on Team Building and Leadership Development for the Non Academic Staff of the FHSS

Two days Activity-Based Training program on Team Building and Leadership Development for the Non-Academic Staff Members of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was held on 16th and 17th December 2019 at the Kukuleganga Laya Leasure Premises. This training program was conducted under the guidance of Prof. Shirantha Heenkenda; Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The resource person of the two-day workshop was Mr. P. M.D. Ranga Nadeera Pallawala; Chief Executive Officer of Janathakshan, Sri Lanka, a Social Enterprise focusing on Green & Sustainable Development in the Asia Pacific Region. In addition, Mr. Sarath Ananda; Senior Lecturer of the Department of English Language Teaching participated in the training program.

This program was aimed at enhancing the soft skills and create the correct blend of personality and professionalism of the Non-Academic Staff Members of the Faculty. In addition, the main focus was to enhance the capability of leadership and effectively achieving the objectives.   The program was comprised of activities combined with few technical lectures/presentations which followed adult training methods. The methodology of the program was entirely based on “Activity Based Learning Principles” and “Adult Learning Principles”. It consisted of a series of individual and group activities that were highly enjoyable and challenging. Those activities were designed to promote different combinations of soft skills that gradually became complex during the program. At the end of each activity, the participants were debriefed on how the lessons of those activities linked with their personal and professional life. The debriefing discussions were linked to real-life situations of the trainees.

After each team action, the facilitators have carried out a group discussion that brought out lessons in relation to day to day experience.

Expected Outputs of the Training Program were; to be able to Carry out a self-assessment the soft skill required in personal and professional life, able to execute plan to use skills appropriately by making suitable behavioral adjustments, Contribute to use of leadership meaningfully to achieve success in personal & professional life, Increased Self-Confidence & Morale – Create a sense of community, trust, enthusiasm, commitment, confidence in achieving difficult tasks, etc.

Activity-Based Training focused on enhancing the effectiveness of the following areas;

-Decision Making
-Confidence Building
-Problem Solving
-Goal Orientation
-Quality of work