Inauguration of Diploma in English

Diploma in English course combines language structure, literature, and critical reading, aiming to give students an overall impression of the power of language, as well as an insight into its use – both in the practical and theoretical sense.  Their writing and reading ability are to be improved, while their critical and creative abilities are also given a chance to expand.  Speaking and listening skills will also be focused upon, despite the large numbers and the online forum.  The modules deal with the Structure of Language; Language through Literature; Critical Reading; Advanced Reading and Writing and Project work.  Alongside this, grooming them towards entering the corporate world is also done through the Business English Course. 

Classes for the Diploma are held from 8 am – 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday and run for approximately 10 months, starting from 11 September 2021.  It’s run by the Department of English Language Teaching with the technical support provided by CDEPD. 

This course is only available for students who are eligible. Students who had their name on the eligible list and register for this course, will receive further instructions to their faculty email. 

Also, tomorrow we will hold the inauguration of the Diploma in English and using below details, you can participate. If the zoom is full, please use the YouTube link.

 Zoom Meeting:

 Meeting ID: 941 5160 4014

Passcode: dip@FH55

 YouTube Broadcast: