Freshers – Tutorial

This page will guide you to create an account in We@FHSS mobile app and sign into your account.

First, you should download the mobile app from the App Store or Play Store.

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Apple Badge

Open the app and complete the onboarding process. You can either click Next buttons or simply skip the onboarding using the Skip button which is located at the right upper corner of the app.

Then you will come to a page similar to the blow.

Since you have not received “AR” and “AF” numbers yet, you have to create an account. (You will receive these numbers within couple of weeks after you successfully complete the university registration.)

So first, let’s create an account.

For that, press the “Create an account” button.

Here, you have to type your NIC number correctly. If our faculty has already received your NIC from the UGC, you will proceed to the next step. Otherwise app will give your an error which says “We are unable to find you on our database”. If you get this error, wait few days and try again. If you are keep getting this error, please call to the Faculty.

Once you type and proceed with your NIC, you will receive an email to your Personal Email Account. This email address is what you gave to the UGC.

This email will include the OTP (One Time Password) which you can use to verify your identity. Type the 6 digit number on the “Enter OTP Number” field in the We@FHSS app.

If you correctly type the OTP and press the Submit button, you will direct to the Password setting screen where you have to enter a password which you can remember. Do not forget it.

You have to type the same password in both fields to confirm the password. Once it is done, you may proceed and complete the account creation and app will show a success screen if the account creation was a success.

Now, navigate to the main login screen and press the “Login with NIC” button. Type your NIC and the password you set. Then, click on the Submit button and you may login to the app.


The account that you just created is temporary. When you receive your AR/AF numbers, you will be forced out from the app. Then you can use the faculty email account (Which the faculty will send to you along with the AR/AF numbers) to login to your brand new and permanent account.